در این دوره، شما با گرامر کاربردی جهت افزایش نمره خود در آزمون آیلتس و همچنین ارتقا زبان انگلیسی عمومی خود آشنا می شوید.


  1. Adverb of Frequency

  2. Present Continuous

  3. Simple Present and Present Continuous

  4. Simple Past

  5. Present Perfect

  6. Simple Past and Present Perfect

  7. Past Perfect

  8. Present Perfect Continuous

  9. Past Perfect Continuous

  10. Used To and Would

  11. Future Tense

  12. Passive

  13. Conditionals

  14. Articles

  15. Modal Verbs Can and Could

  16. Modal Verbs May and Might

  17. Modal Verbs Must, Should, Have to

  18. There is and There are

  19. Comparative and Superlative adjectives

  20. Imperatives

  21. Adjectives and Adverbs

  22. Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns

  23. Reflexive Pronouns

  24. Objective Pronouns

  25. Change a Question to another Question

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